Organizations seeking to improve sales performance or incentive compensation business processes but are not certain where to start.  A Current and Future State Analysis is appropriate if your organization is struggling with achieving these sales performance management goals:

  •  Paying sales team members accurately and on time
  • Rolling out new plans, territories and quotas at the start of the selling year
  • Low-effort solution administration and self-service field reporting
  • Confidently making decisions using data and modeling


Intangent’s Current and Future State Analysis centers on unravelling the current state of your sales performance management program, identifying the ideal future state and establishing a comprehensive roadmap to lead you to success.  We use a variety of tools designed to reveal critical challenges and set goals within your organization:

  • Business requirements development
  • Competitive analysis
  • Benchmarking and best practice deployment
  • Feasibility diagnosis
  • Road-map creation


Sales performance issues have the potential to create reactive urgency. This can lead to impulsive decisions that may trade a short term gain for long-term pain.  With Intangent’s help, you will identify and eliminate inefficiencies for the long term. We’ll guide you swiftly and effectively past all challenges while you achieve sales performance utopia.

The Benefits:

  • Accelerates achievement of long-term goals
  • Gives you a complete outlook and direction
  • Leverages our expert advice/knowledge base
  • Insights through benchmarking

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When you combine the benefits of foresight with the strengths of uncovered, actionable insights, you position your organization to be ready for everything.  However, businesses often stumble throughout this process for a variety of reasons like inability to identify areas of weakness and implementing appropriate corrective measures.  By relying on Intangent’s Strategic Services, you will be better positioned to face current challenges while creating future objectives to drive towards.  Contact Intangent today to learn more on how our Strategic Services can make your organization better, let’s talk!

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