Organizations with a strong handle on what they want to achieve with sales performance management, but still need a solid understanding of costs, benefits, and return on investment.  A Business Case Development engagement is ideal for organizations seeking approval to allocate resources for a new sales performance management project.


Intangent’s Strategic Services team draws on its industry experience to help customers develop a business investment and benefits framework.  Based on our findings and centered on your business objectives, we assist you with developing an air-tight, data-driven business case that includes:

  • Formalized quantitative and qualitative benefits
  • Cost and benefit estimates
  • A parameterized return-on-investment model
  • A formal business case presentation deck


Compress project timelines by leveraging Intangent’s proven sales performance management return-on-investment models.  At the completion of our engagement, you will have constructed a powerful and informative argument in support of your project.  

The Benefits:

  • Reduce the time of creating an accurate evaluation and plan creation
  • Assessment is agnostic, allowing for maximum vendor choice
  • Access to Intangent’s sales performance management expert advice

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Building a strong business case requires more than just gathering positive momentum within your sales organization.  By leveraging Intangent’s strengths and knowledge of the sales performance management world, you will be better positioned for project approval.  We will help you align sales goals by uncovering insights and equipping your team with data driven arguments.  Let’s talk!

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