2019 Comp Plan Change Guide

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2019 Compensation Change Guide

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Reveal best practices on how to simplify and standardize your approach to year-over-year compensation plan changes
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5 key sections outlining important stages to successful compensation change creation and implementation
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Best practices for comp plan model maintenance, maintenance matrix for easy application, and how to comply with ASC 606, 

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Sales compensation plans are a key tool an organization has to influence sales behavior and improve sales performance. However, in today’s constantly evolving business environment, the compensation plans need to simultaneously evolve to align sales behavior and performance with the organization’s corporate and sales strategy. Your compensation plan should reflect corporate strategy while also promoting behavior modifying incentives. As business strategy evolves, the compensation plans should evolve with it.  Are you fully prepared to make advantageous changes to your company's compensation plans? 

Intangent has been successfully guiding and assisting sales organizations with compensation plan changes for over a decade which is why we decided to create this FREE guide designed to equip you with the necessary tools to make a better compensation plan that aligns key business objectives with sales performance.