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Data Integration Made Possible with Xactly Connect

Your company likely uses many tools to collect both customer and sales data, such as Salesforce, Workday, NetSuite, and Microsoft. However, to make the right business decisions, you need a complete view of all the information, which means you need to integrate this data into your Sales Performance Management (SPM) system. 
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Best Practices for Using SIT and UAT for Xactly Implementation Projects

As part of integrating data from various sources into your sales performance management (SPM) system, your organization must conduct tests to confirm all the processes and integrations work correctly. While it’s possible to automate these tests, most businesses perform them manually to ensure all issues are followed up on. If a...
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Sales Manager Success: How Xactly Incent Facilitates Transparency for Sales Performance

Do you know exactly where each of your sales representatives stands right now, in terms of attaining their sales goals? Do you know what is driving each team members’ success? Knowing this information helps you make the best decisions possible—about personnel, products, and strategy.To maximize your company’s performance, you need...
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