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Enhance Sales Performance Management with Improved Software Solutions

What is SPM and SPM Software? Sales performance management (SPM) is the practice of monitoring and guiding personnel to improve their ability to sell products or services. A key objective of the sales performance management process is to motivate salespeople through a goal setting, achievement and reward cycle. Common SPM...
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5 Major Changes to Anaplan Revealed at Hub17 and How They'll Transform Your Sales Organization

1) Anaplan for Sales Named a Leader in Sales Performance Management Announced at Hub 17, Anaplan for Sales has been recognized by Gartner as a Leader in 2017, moving up from the Challengers Quadrant in the previous 2016 report. Gartner cited the company’s vision and execution of its solution as driving factors in this upward...
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Smarter Territory Planning with Rep-Account Affinity

At Intangent, we specialize in software solutions that automate your sales operation’s business processes and leverage your data to create meaningful insights and maximize revenue. We have successfully implemented Anaplan’s Territory and Quota Planning solution for clients spanning many industries, helping them optimize their...
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The Surprising Link Between VHS and Sales Performance Management

The last remaining manufacturer of VHS players, Funai Electric, has announced they will cease production at the end of this month. VHS was released in 1976, and although it would be eclipsed by DVD in 1995 Funai Electric still reported 750, 000 sales worldwide last year. There hasn’t been a movie released on VHS since 2007, and...
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Webinar Recap - Solving Territory & Quota Planning for the Enterprise

Territory and quota planning are central to every sales operation of scale, yet few companies appear to do it well. Gartner estimated that enterprises miss the equivalent of 5 to 10 percent of annual sales as lost opportunities, which could have been captured with the improvement of overall Sales Performance Management. With...
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5 Ways Technology Facilitates Sales Effectiveness

For companies in every industry, advances in technology hold the promise of improving productivity, customer relationships, sales effectiveness and overall corporate success.
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