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How CROs Accelerate Revenue Capture with Sales Performance Management (SPM)

Industry leading Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) substantially impact the revenue capture lifecycle and give critical inflection points in their funnel—sales engagement, deal structure, and customer enablement—a solid foundation with SPM. It’s how they unlock 10% more in annual sales 1 . As discussed, this necessitates a holistic...
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Why Do I Need SPM? A Modern Answer.

To many, sales performance management (SPM) is a glorified calculator. This majority views SPM as an automated way to reduce staff time spent on calculating commissions and related human errors, as well as a means to reduce sales’ shadow accounting. A smaller batch perceives SPM in a slightly more sophisticated light: a route to...
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The SPM Sellers’ Cheat Sheet to Sales Operations and Revenue Operations Buying Committees

In recent years, we’ve seen a rapid increase in revenue operations roles at big companies, with the aim to integrate sales, marketing, and customer success under one cohesive structure. But not all revenue operations leaders are equally empowered to live up to their titles—and that fact impacts sales performance management (SPM)...
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7 Ways to Earn Above 17% of SPM Buying Committees’ Time

Decision makers spend nearly half (45%) of their buying journey researching on- and offline. We’ve known that for a while. What may be surprising—and sobering—if you’re in sales, is buyers spend more time (22%) meeting together than the 17% of time they spend with you.  You read that right: Only 17% of buying time is spent talking...
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5 Tactics to Build Trust With Virtual Decision Makers When Selling SPM

It’s harder to build trust when you aren’t with buyers in the same room. Here are five tactics we see working for sales reps as they interact digitally with virtual decision makers in the market for SPM. 1) Distribute personalized video
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How to Stay Top of Mind With Executives When Selling SPM from Home

As technology investments gain higher scrutiny, and more people have a say in final decisions, it’s critical for sales professionals selling SPM to stay on decision makers’ radar. Below are seven tactics we see our highest performing sales partners using to earn meetings, and move and close deals.
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