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How to Make Data-Driven Sales Decisions in a Shifting Global Economy

When the economy is shaken by a global crisis, sales plans and projections based on a world that no longer exists must be replaced. If tourism was the foundation of sales projections for the quarter, then those plans need to change. From the C-suite to the sales force in the field, people at all levels of an organization must...
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Invest in Sales Ops to Maximize Sales Part 2: Get More with Less Using Standardized Reporting and Dashboards

One of Sales Operations’ responsibilities is to link strategy with day-to-day sales activities by designing and managing sales incentive plans, offering sales enablement and designing efficient territories.  To be effective in this role, the right data, the right tools and the right decisions are needed. 
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Invest in Sales Ops to Maximize Sales Part 1: Driving Decisions with Data

Sales operations plays a key role within an organization and is vital to developing a long-term competitive advantage.  One function of the sales operations team is to analyze market, sales and institutional data in order to develop strategic insights.  These strategic insights are then communicated to all stakeholders.  This is...
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Why Sales Analytics Projects Fail

Sales Analytics, when done correctly, has great potential to increase sales and decrease costs. Successful projects have yielded 15% to 20% gains in net margins. This kind of success is achieved through:
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5 Ways Technology Facilitates Sales Effectiveness

For companies in every industry, advances in technology hold the promise of improving productivity, customer relationships, sales effectiveness and overall corporate success.
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The 6 Qualities of a World Class Sales Organization

Every sales organization is unique, with its own business model, culture and processes. Over the years, we have noticed that some companies do certain things better than others. In fact, we’ve noticed that the really successful companies – those companies we would classify as world-class sales organizations – have some very...
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