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Quota Management: How to Create Revenue Commitments for Marketing & Customer Success

Ever wonder why sales is the only revenue team with territories and quotas? Today’s latest hottest best practice challenges this traditional status quo. In fact, one of the main symptoms that your quotas need a revamp is if marketing and customer success don’t have revenue commitments. 
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Announcing Our New eBook: "A Framework for Orchestrating Revenue with Quota Management"

Dear reader How often do you want to read something online, and keep the tab open next to all the others in your browser? 
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Enhance Sales Performance Management with Improved Software Solutions

What is SPM and SPM Software? Sales performance management (SPM) is the practice of monitoring and guiding personnel to improve their ability to sell products or services. A key objective of the sales performance management process is to motivate salespeople through a goal setting, achievement and reward cycle. Common SPM...
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Emerging Trends from the Spotlight on Sales Compensation conference

Just this past August, Intangent had the opportunity to attend the Spotlight on Sales Compensation conference held in Chicago. It’s an annual conference that brings together hundreds of sales compensation professionals from around the country. Intangent was represented by, Jake Richmann, Regional Sales Manager and myself. It was a...
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5 Fundamental Components of Effective Compensation Plan Communication

Communicating compensation plans to your sales team requires a balance of brevity and specificity that can be difficult to achieve. Below we've outlined 5 fundamental components you should include in all of your compensation plan communications. As a bonus, we've also included a link where you can download this information in a...
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5 Major Changes to Anaplan Revealed at Hub17 and How They'll Transform Your Sales Organization

1) Anaplan for Sales Named a Leader in Sales Performance Management Announced at Hub 17, Anaplan for Sales has been recognized by Gartner as a Leader in 2017, moving up from the Challengers Quadrant in the previous 2016 report. Gartner cited the company’s vision and execution of its solution as driving factors in this upward...
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