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Automating Incentive Compensation Plans

As organizations continue to re-evaluate their compensation strategies to adapt to the continuous changes in the economy and business landscape, incentive compensation is now top of mind for many Compensation professionals. Companies are trying to reduce the errors, overpayments, and amount of effort it takes to manage their...
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Signs that your Incentive Compensation Management Solution Needs to be Replaced

Successful business leaders understand the importance of incentivizing performance. As a result, most companies use incentive compensation, such as sales commissions or bonuses, to align individual behaviors with corporate objectives.
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How Xactly's Prior Payment Processing (PPP) Improves Payroll

The payment period is over. Your incentive compensation management solution locked the payment amounts in the previous months. But a change is required for a sales rep’s quota, order amount, compensation amount, or other variable compensation value. How do you keep track of the changes, get everything done before the deadline—and...
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In Incentive Compensation Software Evaluation, Smart Planning Leads to Smart Selection

Every Incentive Compensation Management project kick-off typically includes a version of this guidance from the project sponsor:
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Agile Sales Teams Rely on Intangent for Sales Performance Management Services, Support and Consulting

Just as a builder’s tools require a skilled worker to craft a quality finished piece, your sales performance management solution requires expertise to deliver the ongoing performance you require.
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Machine Learning for Optimal Compensation Plans

Advanced predictive analytics is slowly making its way into the broader Sales Performance Management domain. More organisations are investing resources in machine learning techniques and how they can augment sales effectiveness.  This ranges from utilizing historical data for better forecasting, real time feedback to sales reps...
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