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Automating Your Sales Incentive Plans with SAP Commissions

Competitive businesses need a system that communicates compensation plans efficiently, handles disputes effectively, and provides clear dashboards and reports for sales operations and sales managers. These tools help keep sales representatives happy, resulting in lower employee turnover and providing the sales force with clear...
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How Poorly Structured Commission Plans Can Limit Sales Performance

Organizations without an automated sales commission tool often face a variety of challenges throughout the sales cycle which can include inaccurate payouts, shadow accounting, and lower sales volume. All of these ailments can lead to poor sales team morale which further depresses sales performance. Keeping the sales team motivated...
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Building a Case for Sales Commissions Automation

At Intangent, our Strategic Advisory Team has helped companies across multiple industries create value by transitioning from manual to automated sales commission processes. Organizations who rely on manual compensation processes often struggle with a variety of operational bottlenecks. When left unchecked, inefficient manual...
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