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Emerging Trends from the Spotlight on Sales Compensation conference

Just this past August, Intangent had the opportunity to attend the Spotlight on Sales Compensation conference held in Chicago. It’s an annual conference that brings together hundreds of sales compensation professionals from around the country. Intangent was represented by, Jake Richmann, Regional Sales Manager and myself. It was a...
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Using Anaplan’s Application Lifecycle Management to Manage Changes to Your Models

With rapidly evolving business environments, it’s important for sales organizations to prioritize agility to mitigate the overall impact of unforeseen and developing market dynamics. Being aware of the relationship between key disruptions and the alignment of corporate business goals will greatly improve an organization's ability...
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5 Fundamental Components of Effective Compensation Plan Communication

Communicating compensation plans to your sales team requires a balance of brevity and specificity that can be difficult to achieve. Below we've outlined 5 fundamental components you should include in all of your compensation plan communications. As a bonus, we've also included a link where you can download this information in a...
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Using Incentive Compensation Analytics to Optimize Retail Bank Referral Programs

In an era of rising retail bank transaction costs and declining retail presence, retail banks are challenged to get more value out of every square foot of operation.  When working with personal bankers and other branch employees, customers provide frequent opportunities to expand the bank’s relationship with its customers, thereby...
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Exploring the Hybrid Methodology for Incentive Compensation Management Software Projects (Part 3 of 3)

The implementation of technology projects requires a lot of consideration, planning and commitment from the project team.  Your project foundation should demonstrate a solid understanding of the business needs, technology and resource availability to optimize the use of time and budget. Incentive compensation management software...
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Three Levels of Maturity for Sales Compensation Plan Cost Modeling

Incentive compensation plan changes are a reality that most organizations face every year. Sometimes plan changes are structurally significant and made in response to exciting new business initiatives.  In other cases, these changes are mere tweaks to a model that is already operating well.  In any case, change means entering into...
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