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6 SPM Sales Strategies: Give Remote Buyers Value That Stands Out

Gartner predicted before the pandemic that 80% of interactions between B2B buyers and sellers will happen on digital channels by 2025. You might say the pandemic has accelerated the trend since.
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How To Navigate Bigger Buying Committees When Selling SPM

The Current State For years, the number of people who sit on the buying committee for large software investments has grown. These committees now average 11 people, and 77% of buyers report “high purchase difficulty” because the process is “overwhelming”. The reasons for this are: 
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How Can I Tell If Our Incentive Compensation Plans Are Working?

It can be challenging to tell if your incentive compensation plans are working. This post debunks traditionally accepted metrics and introduces three simple, more modern ways to see if your incentive compensation design produces desired results.
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How to Implement an SPM Solution While Minimizing Costs

With unpredictability in the global marketplace, limited staff, and restricted finances, more organizations recognize the benefits of a flexible, cost-effective Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution. See our previous post, “How to Make Data-Driven Sales Decisions in a Shifting Global Economy” 
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How to Make Data-Driven Sales Decisions in a Shifting Global Economy

When the economy is shaken by a global crisis, sales plans and projections based on a world that no longer exists must be replaced. If tourism was the foundation of sales projections for the quarter, then those plans need to change. From the C-suite to the sales force in the field, people at all levels of an organization must...
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Automating Your Sales Incentive Plans with SAP Commissions

Competitive businesses need a system that communicates compensation plans efficiently, handles disputes effectively, and provides clear dashboards and reports for sales operations and sales managers. These tools help keep sales representatives happy, resulting in lower employee turnover and providing the sales force with clear...
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