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Now Your Sales Team in the Field Can Use Any Device with IBM ICM Version 10.1

With first quarter already over, it’s time to take a closer look at how the IBM ICM winter release of version 10.1 featuring a redesigned Payee Web can help you reach this year’s targets. This update isn’t a major undertaking like the move from version 9 to version 10, but there are several good reasons to find the time to take advantage of the new benefits, including a new mobile-friendly app.

Why we’re recommending an update to the new Payee Web in IBM ICM version 10.1

With the new Payee Web, you’ll have access to several new features:

  • new Payee Mobile application for use on any device
  • new Rapid Reports with template-based reports
  • new Data Discovery Dashboard with drill-down style analytics

As well, the new Payee Web is more intuitive and easier to use.

Payee Mobile works on any device

The big news in IBM ICM version 10.1 is the ability to bring your own device, including iPhone, iPad, and Android. Payee Mobile is a progressive web app, which looks like an app with an intuitive interface and is accessible with secure https using any web browser. The responsive design configures information for optimal viewing on any device: laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.



What’s the advantage? The new mobile app benefits your sales force and managers in the field, allowing them to access sales and incentive results on the go, on their preferred devices.

Rapid Reporting is a powerful addition to IBM ICM presenter reports

To speed reporting, IBM has developed several template-based reports that admins can deploy quickly to payees:

  • Compensation Statement
  • Earnings Details
  • Performance Summary

The benefits of these reports will depend on how much customization has already been done.

  • Current IBM ICM users that have already invested in custom report configuration will continue using their existing webforms and presenter reports. They can look at the new Rapid Reports available and decide whether or not to add them to the reports they’re currently using.
  • New IBM ICM users that don’t already have comprehensive reports can investigate how the Rapid Reports mapping tool can be used to connect to their data tables to make the reports meaningful for their compensation structure.

What’s the advantage? These new template-based reports benefit admins who need a fast way to quickly send reports to payees.

Data Discovery Dashboard offers drill-down analytics for immediate action

For anyone who wants the ability to start with a big picture and then drill down on information of interest, the new IBM ICM version 10.1 release delivers with the new Data Discovery Dashboard.

  • This new Data Discovery Dashboard is extremely intuitive and is designed to provide current information to support informed decision-making and action.
  • In contrast to traditional reports, the Data Discovery Dashboard provides information at a glance, allowing the user to quickly focus attention and resources where they can make an impact on sales performance.


What’s the advantage? This new Data Discovery Dashboard feature benefits managers and decision-makers, giving them an easy-to-understand overall picture of the business with the ability to instantly access more detailed information.

The new Data Discovery Dashboard is also an important evolution in the design of IBM ICM, and can be an important deciding factor when comparing different tools to implement.

What you need to know before implementing the new Payee Web

  • This update does not require decommissioning a previous version.
  • IBM can push the update over the cloud whenever you make the request.
  • You will not lose any previously configured reports.
  • What you’ll notice right away is the redesigned visual Payee Web interface.


To find out more about making a strategic implementation plan that takes advantage of the new features in IBM ICM version 10.1 while minimizing disruption to your business, contact us. One of our solution architects who specializes in IBM ICM can answer any questions and provide more information about the winter release.

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