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Lightning Commissions on Salesforce App Exchange: What You Need to Know!

It’s been a busy month for CallidusCloud. They held their annual CallidusCloud Connections (C3) conference in Las Vegas, and made some industry game-changing announcements like the arrival of true augmented intelligence designed to direct, assist and motivate Sales teams everywhere. If you weren’t completely caught up in the excitement of the Thunderbridge AI3, you might have also heard that they announced Lightning Commissions on Salesforce App Exchange. 

Okay, what’s so special Intangent? There’s an ocean of tools out in the marketplace all claiming to do an great job at motivating Sales teams. 

This is what we know so far about the capabilities, functionality, and overall benefits of Lightning Commissions for sales reps:

  1. Better Focus
    Focussed.pngAdopters will be able to customize and narrow their attention to finalizing high potential initiatives. By placing metaphorical blinders and allowing sales reps to fix their gaze on key objectives such as goal attainment and payouts, they’ll be less likely to be distracted.

    2. Complete Transparency

Lightning Commissions allows sales reps to review compensation plans as well as real-time commission estimates for all opportunities, throughout all stages of the process. For added functionality, sales reps will also be able to accurately estimate and forecast commission payouts under different deal scenarios while applying different discounts.

3. Time Saving

These tools can be directly accessed within Salesforce. Sales reps will not have to exit working environments and lose valuable time transitioning between tools, performing manual calculations, or having the potential to compromise the integrity of data.

For Sales Operations:

  1. Accurate Budgeting

Lightning Commissions will allow sales operations to accurately forecast compensation payout amounts; a welcomed benefit to allow for better short and long-term incentive program planning.

2. Improved Evaluation

Lightning Commissions will also assist Operations with improved evaluation of comp plansLightning Commissions will also enable sales operations to better evaluate the effectiveness of their compensation plans. We believe that this will help in the capacity of further refinement of approach. For example, as millennials become a greater part of the lifeblood of businesses, new tactics and compensation plans will need to be developed to maintain optimal motivation.

We’re extremely excited to hear about the changes that CallidusCloud is bringing to their product offering. With 2018 just around the corner, we’d love to know how you feel about these new advancements within the SPM solutions world. Let's talk!

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