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Intangent Insider Video Series Part 4 – Varicent V10: How to See Only Specific Data Sets

Welcome to the fourth and last installment of our Intangent Insider Video Series, where we take you through important features and functionalities that can help you get the most out of your Varicent (IBM ICM) system.

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In Part 4 of the series we show you how to view the specific data sets only. With Varicent (formerly IBM ICM) V10, you can collect data from different end points (like calculations and tables) to create a specific data set, which you can use for testing, validation and other purposes. You can compare these data sets with one another, and use a view to collect additional data from other sources.

Thank you for watching the Intangent Insider Video Series! We hope you found the videos useful and will use those tips and tricks to help you get more out of Varicent V10.

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