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How to Stay Top of Mind With Executives When Selling SPM from Home

As technology investments gain higher scrutiny, and more people have a say in final decisions, it’s critical for sales professionals selling SPM to stay on decision makers’ radar. Below are seven tactics we see our highest performing sales partners using to earn meetings, and move and close deals.

1) Host more than virtual wine events

Executives aren’t likely to attend virtual events related to what you sell, so consider complimentary virtual events with more personal value to executives. While nothing’s wrong with a vintner-led event and/or virtual happy hour, here are some ideas beyond wine tastings and cocktail mixers:

  • A panel discussion between top financial advisors on how to invest personal income during turbulent market conditions.
  • Pizza making classes—especially if they can bring their kids. 
  • Date night with charcuterie board design and/or chocolate samplers.

Such virtual events are expensive, but if you nail the right topic, they can really work.

2) Use good, strong video where buyers live online

By far, video is sales professionals’ most effective communication format right now. Why? Words are only 7% of communication. But with tools like Vidyard, you tap into the other 93%: Tone of voice, facial expression, and body language. 

Learn where your target buyers spend time online—be it YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, or elsewhere—and distribute personal videos there.

Just make sure to keep videos succinct. The average adult attention span is 8 seconds, so you may want to use speakers notes and re-record until you’re to-the-point as possible. After 10 seconds, you lose 20% of viewers, and 35% stop watching after 30 seconds. Drop-off increases from there. 

3) Send personal gifts that stand out

Enterprise rules have dramatically reduced the gift value that executives can accept in recent years. My team once sent $10 Starbucks gift cards and got 75% back! getting sent back. Regardless of your budget, be as personal as you can. If you don’t yet know buyers that well, consider blind gifts like a mug, water bottle, or gift bag from the person’s college—and maybe a mask. 

4) Send meeting reminders

Send agendas and links 24 hours before meetings. You’ll demonstrate that you’re organized and trustworthy, and make meeting information searchable in inboxes, day-of.

5) Recap discussion topics and next steps

Similarly, show you’re reliable by recapping meetings. Just as most inbound deals go to companies that respond the fastest, the sooner you send follow-ups the better. Here are 14 Hubspot templates to get started. We like Use Case 8.

6) Leverage your partner community

Your partners want to bring you new opportunities and help accelerate existing deals. Ask them to lend trusted third-party expertise early on in sales cycles as buyers craft their criteria, and help “organically” reiterate your key value propositions, particularly in areas where you’re struggling. 

7) Use scheduling tools to post on social media

One top-performing SPM rep schedules daily social posts once a week. He makes sure not to post more than one piece of content from his company for every five from other sources. (Partner sites are a great place for SPM-oriented content.)


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