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Get the most out of your IBM ICM system: preparing for new plans

Preparation is key to successfully rolling out new sales incentive plans. At launch, it’s essential that your sales force understands the plan, and that they spend their time selling the products and services you want them to be selling, not calculating their compensation.

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The following preparations can help you get maximum impact from a new sales incentive plan with your IBM ICM system:

Plan early and set clear expectations with the field

    • Include the IBM ICM configuration team in the plan review to advise on plan design and the time required to implement the new plans.
    • Finalize the plans early enough so the configuration team can configure and the business team can test for accuracy.

Design without relying on shortcuts to speed deployment

    • Use disciplined design that ensures business logic is where it should be and configurations aren’t duplicated. 
    • Follow industry best practices to take full advantage of SPM automation capabilities and develop the solutions to be as future-proof as possible.

Allow time for thorough testing and fixing errors

    • Ensure that adequate time is left for testing in the implementation phase by following good project management practices. 
    • Fix errors before a new plan rolls out. Fixing configuration and data errors before deployment is much easier than fixing them after.
    • Use regression testing when implementing changes to ensure that the changes aren’t causing errors in previously stable parts of the system. The new API available in IBM ICM 10 is a game-changer that makes regression testing easier to do. Intangent consultants can show you how to take advantage of this new API and more features in IBM ICM 10.

Help people understand and follow the new plan 

  • Communicate the benefits of the new plan to lower the sales team’s natural resistance to change and help adopt the new plan quickly and successfully.
  • Train the sales team on how to run reports and analyze incentive data in the new plan to smooth the transition and help increase effectiveness.

Maximizing the impact of a new compensation plan requires careful preparation. To learn more about designing comprehensive and effective compensation plans, download this Compensation Plan Design Guide.



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