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Best Practices for Incentive Compensation Management Process Excellence

The deployment of Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solutions provides companies with a competitive edge, with process improvement being a core component of an effective ICM strategy. However, many organizations still struggle to reap the full benefits of their investment. In this blog post, we will share some best practices...
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Top 5 Incentive Compensation Management Challenges and Solutions

Whether you’re evaluating a new Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solution, making changes to an existing one, or preparing for a new implementation, you’re likely to run into some challenges along the way. To help with your next project and get you off to a smooth start, we’ve identified five common challenges along with...
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Key Areas to Consider When Evaluating Incentive Compensation Management Software Vendors

Making organizational changes of any magnitude requires careful analysis and measurement coupled with strategic decisions. Choosing a software provider can be a daunting task with some common challenges like: Overwhelming industry information Inability to accurately interpret industry lingo Future-proofing your investment...
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How to Design Incentive Programs That Work for Your Business

Incentive programs are a great way to motivate your employees and increase productivity. However, designing incentive programs that’ll work for your business can be tricky. In this blog post, we will discuss what you need to keep in mind when creating an incentive program and provide tips on how to create an incentive program that...
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Incentive Compensation Plan Effectiveness Checklist

Your compensation plan should always be a moving target. If your company has been using a compensation plan for over a year, or if you’re worried about whether the plan will make it through the upcoming year, take a look at our checklist to see if your company’s plan is working as it should. Follow our tips to get the most out of...
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Are You Ready for Incentive Compensation Management?

Sales incentive compensation management software can help companies significantly reduce the cost and pain of managing sales commission calculations, easily communicate rewards to reps for meeting targets, and provide actionable insights. But before you embark on your ICM search initiative, make sure you’ve given time to consider...
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