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Invest in Sales Ops to Maximize Sales Part 2: Get More with Less Using Standardized Reporting and Dashboards

One of Sales Operations’ responsibilities is to link strategy with day-to-day sales activities by designing and managing sales incentive plans, offering sales enablement and designing efficient territories.  To be effective in this role, the right data, the right tools and the right decisions are needed. 
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Invest in Sales Ops to Maximize Sales Part 1: Driving Decisions with Data

Sales operations plays a key role within an organization and is vital to developing a long-term competitive advantage.  One function of the sales operations team is to analyze market, sales and institutional data in order to develop strategic insights.  These strategic insights are then communicated to all stakeholders.  This is...
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How does Vendor Consolidation affect Sales Performance Management customers?

The sales performance management environment is currently undergoing an interesting transformation.  Buoyed by optimism presented in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant which has projected a 12% to 13% growth rate over the next five years, this shift in objectives has been quietly happening for some time now.  What once was a...
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2018 SPM Rollout Review: Strategies for Success

Perhaps your organization wants to increase sales volume, grow pipeline, and improve conversion rates in 2018. The ability to achieve your sales goals depends heavily on the successful rollout of sales plans.  Successful plans are clear and concise.  They pair actionable goals along with comprehensive risks and rewards.  The more...
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Looking Back at 2017

2018 is barely three weeks old and many sales organizations are busy forecasting, implementing new compensation plans, and finalizing territories and quotas.  As everyone is excited to align business objectives and pursue leads, we’d like to take a moment and reflect on 2017.
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Planning Year-End Comp Plan Changes? Don’t Neglect Your Draws.

As many sales organizations evaluate the year that was and look ahead to 2018, most, if not all, will be scrutinizing their current incentive compensation plan to improve performance and correct mistakes moving forward to the following year.  One aspect of this evaluation is to consider draw programs and their impact on...
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