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ASC 606 Part II: Migration - the Portfolio vs Contract-Level Approach

In Part I of our series on ASC 606 we gave you a closer look at the new revenue recognition standards for all companies reporting under US GAAP.  We also highlighted how these changes would affect sales commissions accounting practices which revealed a greater necessity for a move away from manual incentive compensation...
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ASC 606 Part I: Are You Prepared for Jan. 1st, 2018?

What is ASC 606?
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Lightning Commissions on Salesforce App Exchange: What You Need to Know!

It’s been a busy month for CallidusCloud. They held their annual CallidusCloud Connections (C3) conference in Las Vegas, and made some industry game-changing announcements like the arrival of true augmented intelligence designed to direct, assist and motivate Sales teams everywhere. If you weren’t completely caught up in the...
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CallidusCloud Connections (C3) 2017 Recap

CallidusCloud Connections is Betting Big On Augmented Intelligence Part of Intangent’s modus operandi is to be heavily invested in seeking out new products and emerging trends within the Sales Performance Management (SPM) industry. This allows us to perform at our peak effectiveness and the benefits are then passed on to our...
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Emerging Trends from the Spotlight on Sales Compensation conference

Just this past August, Intangent had the opportunity to attend the Spotlight on Sales Compensation conference held in Chicago. It’s an annual conference that brings together hundreds of sales compensation professionals from around the country. Intangent was represented by, Jake Richmann, Regional Sales Manager and myself. It was a...
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5 Fundamental Components of Effective Compensation Plan Communication

Communicating compensation plans to your sales team requires a balance of brevity and specificity that can be difficult to achieve. Below we've outlined 5 fundamental components you should include in all of your compensation plan communications. As a bonus, we've also included a link where you can download this information in a...
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